Argentina: Procedural Changes to the 9-point Form Submission

As of February 1, 2018, Argentina’s Ministry of Health (ANMAT) is only accepting the 9-point inspection information required for the export of biologic specimens via the TAD electronic system. Paper versions of the 9-point inspection previously used by the agency will no longer be accepted.

The 9-point inspection information is used to capture export shipment data and obtain export approval from ANMAT[i].  Since November of 2017, ANMAT has worked with local exporters to provide training on the use of the Trámites a Distancia (TAD) electronic system for filing the 9-point inspection. During this training period, ANMAT continued to accept hard copy versions of the 9-point form. As of as of Feb 1, 2018, only the electronic submission via TAD is allowed.

Exporters in Argentina that have not started using the TAD system to file their 9-point inspection are advised to begin transmitting via TAD immediately. Failure to submit the 9-point inspection via the TAD system will result in the inability to export biologic specimens from Argentina.

Marken Argentina is working with local exporters to help facilitate export shipments and answer questions regarding the new TAD submission requirements. 


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