Brazil: Import and Export Clearance delays due to Processing of GRU/GVS

Shipments of patient kits and biological specimens are facing Ministry of Health clearance delays caused by technical problems with the ANVISA GRU/GVS web portal.

Importers and exporters in Brazil are required to process their ANVISA sanitary surveillance inspection fees (GRU/GVS) through an ANVISA web portal so that they or their agent (e.g., Marken) can pay the fees on their behalf prior to entering or exporting their shipments. Once the GRU/GVS is processed and proof of payment is received the documents are presented to the authorities at the port of entry/export.

Recently, the ANVISA GRU/GVS web portal has experienced a noted increase in technical difficulties which have made it difficult or, impossible for importers/exporters to process their GRU/GVS fess on-time, resulting in clearance delays. 

In the past, when the GRU/GVS system was down ANVISA informally, allowed importers/exporters to process their GRU/GVS fess after arrival or departure of their cargo. However, it appears that ANVISA is no longer allowing this practice so the GRU/GRV must be processed and paid prior to shipment dispatch.

Marken Brazil remains committed to compliance with all trade regulations so it is working with local authorities and industry trade groups to resolve this ongoing issue.

In the meantime, we ask our clients to plan on processing their pickup requests and GRU/GVS payment with Marken Brazil as early as possible to account for GRU/GVS system delays and ensure compliant and on-time export and import of their clinical trial products.

Questions regarding GRU/GVS can be sent to Marken Brazil at

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