CSafe Shares Enhanced Qualified Users Program (EQUiP) Training with Marken on AcuTemp Active RKN Container

Marken maintains the integrity of every product by critically analyzing and carefully handling each step of the cold chain shipping process. The successful distribution of temperature-sensitive cargo requires both management and operators to fully understand unique relationships and requirements of shippers, freight forwarders, integrators, partners, and airlines.

Cold chain experts at Marken have recently received additional training on safe distribution methods, air cargo processes, and the proper utilization of the CSafe’s AcuTemp Active RKN container. CSafe shared this knowledge through their specialist training to Marken teams via their Enhanced Qualified Users Program (EQUiP).  Marken experts are now EQUiP accredited and fully confident in their use of Active Temperature Controlled Containers for successful completion of temperature-sensitive shipments.

In addition to meeting industry compliance requirements across its worldwide network, Marken understands the importance of adhering to correct operation procedures and provides the assurance that operational staff receive the latest training on temperature controlled packaging solutions. The strong communication and collaboration efforts among Marken experts helps to tackle the complex cold-chain from beginning to end.

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