Mexico’s New Export Requirement Postponed

As the July 1st deadline for complying with Mexico’s new CFDI export reporting requirement quickly approaches, exporters and their agents are concerned with how the reporting will be implemented. However, there soon may be good news for exporters.

According to the Mexican Customs broker association CAAAREM, SAT is expected to announce that the CFDI reporting requirement will be postponed until January 1st of 2017.

Mexico’s Administración Central de Gestión de Negocios y Trámites con Medios Electrónicos (AGSCME), a division of SAT, told the broker association in a forum held early this week that CFDI export reporting will be postponed. The agency said it needs more time to further analyze how the reporting will impact commercial trade and Customs clearance operations.

The news comes as a welcome relief to exporters who were worried about the impact the new reporting requirement would have on their shipments. SAT has still not made an official announcement regarding postponing CFDI export reporting. However, CAAAREM is confident the SAT notice is forthcoming.

Although the implementation of CFDI export reporting will likely be postponed, exporters should continue preparing for the reporting process change until an official confirmation is provided by SAT.

Marken continues to monitor the evolving situation and will provide updates when SAT makes an official announcement.

Daniel J Bell
VP, Regulatory Compliance & Technical Affairs
16, JUNE 2016

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