Regulatory Update: Argentina – A.N.M.A.T. Processing Fee Increase & Port Practice Changes

In August, Argentina’s Ministry of Health, A.N.M.A.T (Ministerio de Salud Secretaria de Policticas Regulacion e Institutos) updated their administrative processing fees related to health products,  such as applications for marketing approvals, product registration and authorization to amend product labelling or booklets.   The updated rates both increased standard fees across the board and established a variable fee schedule for processing import approvals.

As of Sept 1st, A.N.M.A.T’s processing fee for import approval applications (commonly referred to as the 15-point form) increased from $1.400 to $1.800 (in Argentine Peso).  In addition to this increase, the fee is now variable and is based on the import value of each shipment. Below is the new fee schedule:

Import Value (in Argentine Peso)

Processing fee (In Argentine Peso)

0- $50.000


$51.000 -$500.000


$501.000 – $1,000.000


Over $1,000.000


Since A.N.M.A.T’s import approval fee is now based on the import value of each shipment, the agency issued a  memo advising that a copy of the import invoice, waybill and protocol approval (in the case of products imported for clinical trial use) must be submitted with each 15-point form. While the memo does not specifically indicate that the documents must be signed, A.N.M.A.T is enforcing as a local port practice that these supporting documents must be signed by the importer.  

In order, to ensure that import approvals can be processed quickly and accurately, importers must make certain to provide their clearance agents with the signed shipping documents in a timely manner so the documents can be submitted to A.N.M.A.T with the import application.

Any questions regarding these changes may be directed to the trade compliance team

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