Sarajevo International Airport Rescinds Temporary Import Ban

Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ) removed their temporary ban on imports of medicines and medical devices, on June 9. After meeting with local aviation authority representatives, the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Bosnia and Herzegovina (ALMBIH) and Customs officials, SJJ decided to allow the import of health products as long as importers and their agents agree to step-up compliance with import requirements.

Effective immediately, shipments of medicines and medical devices into SJJ must be cleared and removed from the airport within 12 to 48 hours of arrival. This new, mandatory timeframe is in keeping with current ALMBIH guidelines which state that healthcare products can only remain in airport storage for a maximum of 48 hours for ambient freight and no more than 12 hours for temperature controlled shipments.

SJJ warns that shipments not cleared within this timeframe will be immediately returned to their port of origin. As a result, importers and their agents must now certify, in writing, that their shipments will be cleared within the mandatory deadlines and acknowledge that any shipment not cleared on-time may be refused admission by SJJ and returned to origin.

Marken provides expert support for shipments to SJJ by performing a pre-shipment audit of all import consignments. Import documents are reviewed by both Marken origin and destination offices prior to shipping cargo to ensure compliance with commodity specific import and license requirements and meet the terms with SJJ’s clearance time frames.

Daniel J Bell
VP, Regulatory Compliance & Technical Affairs
14, JUNE 2016

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