Active & Passive Temperature Controlled Packaging

Clinical trial materials and biological samples with specific temperature profiles must be strictly maintained to preserve efficacy. Marken’s packaging solutions include a range of qualified thermo-regulated packaging, both active and passive, that ensure products remain within proper temperature ranges at all times, while in transit or in storage. Marken utilizes both single use and reusable shippers. We carefully select the best system and temperature control medium, including dry ice, liquid nitrogen, gel packs and Phase Change Materials (PCM) to ship pharmaceutical products, blood, biologics and tissue samples. Our temperature controlled packaging solutions:

  • Protect and safely transport critical temperature-sensitive materials with a range of containers of variable payload size, weight, duration and temperature requirements
  • Are globally qualified to the highest standards
  • Provide easy and quick assembly with a limited number of components and modular design
  • Have a low environmental impact because of their reduced carbon footprint