Direct to Patient (DTP) Services


Marken provides delivery of clinical trial materials and retrieval of biological samples directly to and from a patient’s location, with quality guaranteed through full temperature monitoring from pick up to delivery.
Home-based clinical trials are currently the fastest growing service in Marken’s portfolio and are consistent with the industry’s trend towards patient-centricity. Since the establishment of the DTP program in 2012, Marken has managed the largest portfolio of active DTP trials in the industry, including global trials with thousands of patients. Marken currently supports Direct to Patient services involving over 1,600 investigator sites in 51 countries around the world.
These direct to patient solutions paired with an ambulant care service offers the following benefits:
  • Patients may participate in trials from the comfort and convenience of their home, office or vacation destination
  • Patients who live long distances from an investigator site, or who have difficulty traveling due to health or age-related issues, may enroll in clinical trials
These benefits result in:
  • Higher patient retention rates
  • Increased protocol compliance
  • Improved patient recruitment through greater willingness of patients to participate in the trial


Marken’s White Book: A Direct to Patient (DTP) Industry Guide

The White Book Industry Guide details how Direct to Patient trial services must be set up to comply with industry and regulatory standards. The services offered include delivery of clinical trial materials directly to the patient’s home, home pickup and delivery of collected biological specimens, protection of data, and return of unused or expired clinical trial materials. The company also offers global home nursing services through its partners.


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