Drug Product Shipments

Marken provides pre-conditioned temperature control packaging, transport
and tracking of time and temperature sensitive drugs with the support of:

  • Marken’s cutting edge information technology system, known as
    ‘Marken Maestro™’, records key milestones in real time and is linked to
    our tracking devices that provide live updates 24 hours per day, 7 days
    per week from any location in the world. Maestro™ allows Marken to
    ensure all shipments are delivered on time within specification
  • Knowledgeable and experienced regulatory and trade compliance
    • Consult on best import and export processes as well as packaging
    • Offer product classification consultancy
    • Review and validate documents used for the customs clearance
    process and agency release prior to shipping to ensure compliance
    with local regulations
    • Qualify packaging solutions by conducting lane mapping and
    verification to make sure temperature stability is maintained in real
    world conditions
  • Pre-qualifiied packaging solutions for all payloads and temperature
    ranges along with appropriate temperature monitoring technology