Labeling & Late Stage Customization


Marken provides re-labeling services when a drug either expires or is required for re-labeling by the client. Marken ensures that every step of the re-labeling process is properly carried out:
  • Labeling is performed in a dedicated GMP-compliant room
  • Application of re-test date labels and “for clinical trial use only” labels for concomitant or comparator medication
  • Marken’s extensive regulatory experience and ensures that relabeling is completed according to each country’s individual regulations
  • Marken’s re-labeling teams rigorously follow all packaging guidelines
Late stage customization, or ‘just in time’ packaging and labeling are becoming more common in the supply and distribution of clinical trial materials. Marken’s late stage customization service allows information to be printed at the point of packaging. This information may include:
  • Language variants
  • Specific market information
  • Shelf-life facts
  • Traceability data