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Study protocols are increasingly complex, needing extensive data collection, and utilising complicated drug regimes. Patients can be deterred from taking part in a trial by the need for frequent travel to a clinical site for routine drug administration and simple tests. Around 30% of patients drop out before study completion, leading to data loss, and potential approval delays. Increasingly engaged patient populations need clinical teams to work with their subject groups to improve patient recruitment and retention.

The new model for home health care allowing many visits to be conducted in a patient’s home improves patient engagement, and bringing the wider medical community to them improves compliance. Patients reap the benefits of streamlining the compliant delivery of clinical trial materials direct to their homes. Using nurses to administer investigational medicinal products (IMP), take samples and record information whilst listening to patients improves both recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Samples can be processed for direct shipment to the central laboratory, allowing adjustments to be made in patients’ care plans and drug regime.

Join us on Wednesday, June 6th at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) to: 

  • Acquire insights into the way DTP/DFP and Home Health Care options as part of a protocol are changing the industry and how patients experience treatment
  • Explore the challenges of traditional trials and discover what value ePatients bring and how we can work with them through virtual trials
  • Understand which studies and conditions are best suited to this methodology and why
  • Gain insights into the set-up process for a successful trial and how to avoid risk, including critical touchpoints in the supply chain and the last mile
  • Learn how the pharma and clinical trial industry is embracing this shift