Cell and Gene Supply Chain Services

Only Marken can seamlessly guide your cell and gene therapies through each stage of the pharmaceutical journey.

To ensure cell and gene therapies are brought to market successfully, pharma and biotech companies must address logistical complexities within the clinical supply chain, which requires specialized solutions, industry expertise and a rigorous control process coupled with advanced technology.

Marken’s unique cell and gene supply chain offering includes:

three people

Cell and gene therapy expertise

Specialized teams of pharma industry and logistics experts providing direction on shifting regulatory and trade compliance guidelines.

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24/7/365 Control Center

Our new Cell and Gene Control Center provides end-to-end monitoring and reporting on all cell and gene therapy shipments for enhanced visibility, enabling critical path decision making.


Flexible supply chains

Rapid manufacturing scheduling, lane design and verification, equipment validation, import/export expertise, and risk management helps facilitate agile decision making.

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Specialized technology

Real-time trackers, GPS systems and cryogenic capabilities reduce complexities related to chain of custody, identity and condition.

Marken White Paper

Solving Logistic Complexities in the Era of Personalized Medicine

Our latest white paper explores how next generation therapies are disrupting conventional supply chain logistics and how Marken's specialized services and capabilities help safeguard the viability and timely delivery of these potentially life-saving treatments.

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