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Marken Code of Ethics

Marken's Code of Ethics

MARKEN prides itself on its integrity, honesty and fairness in all aspects of our business. We aim to create a safe, welcoming and engaging workplace for our directors, officers and employees (“Employees”) and encourage practices that meet our values and stakeholder commitments. We seek the same from those with whom we do business, directly and indirectly.

Only Marken delivers the end-to-end capabilities and expert oversight needed to seamlessly guide your program through each stage of the pharmaceutical journey–from clinical to commercialization.

Marken ensures adherence to the core principles comprising our Code of Ethics throughout the entirety of our supply chain. Marken is committed to maintaining the legality and morality of our business and creating a healthy workplace. Therefore, the core principles must be recognized by and incorporated into the everyday conduct of our Employees as well as our Local Service Providers (collectively, “LSPs”).

As a corporation with global coverage, Marken operates in many communities around the world. As such our core principles are intended to actively pursue opportunities to strengthen our compliance with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, to which Marken is a signatory. In striving to protect and uphold the principles and values manifested in this Code of Ethics (“Code”), the Marken Executive Committee relies on the cooperation and integrity of all its Employees involved in Marken’s global business.

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