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20 June 2023

Reshaping Decentralized Clinical Trials With Fit-For-Patient Solutions

The need to rethink traditional models in recent years has led to a revolution in the way clinical trials are conducted, but there is no “one size-fits all” solution. In a world of continual disruption, the accelerated demand for decentralized clinical trials have opened new opportunities for the patient to receive medical treatments from the comfort of their homes, with real-time patient data access leading to stronger retention rates in the trial.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace involving groundbreaking therapies, treatments and vaccines — the advantages of a patient-centric focus will drive services to continue to be designed and built around the patient from the start. Join Marken experts as they discuss real success stories that reveal practical strategies and problem-solving insights for the most effective patient-driven trial designs and distribution models. Walk away with immediate applications to propel decentralized clinical trials and enhance the patient experience today.

Topics in this presentation include:

  • Trends and shifts in the industry towards decentralized studies
  • Lessons learned from global disruptors and emerging digital innovations
  • Innovative strategies for the future including AI, digital tools and streamlined distribution models
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