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26 March 2024

Transformative Future of ATMPs: Healthcare Reimagined

The healthcare industry is in the formative stages of a new era of medicine — the advent of advanced therapeutic medicinal products (ATMPs).

This paradigm shift has the potential and promise to cure debilitating disease states but equally necessitates the need to overcome key bottlenecks in the manufacturing and logistics that arise therefrom. At the forefront of ATMPs, cell and gene therapies are making headlines with curative results in patients, while newer studies are revealing the capabilities of other novel modalities like radioligand therapy, mRNA therapies, prime-/base-edited therapies (e.g., CRISPR) and conventional cell and gene therapies.

Join industry luminaries as they explore the future of ATMPs and the strategies behind their mainstream adoption. They will discuss the types of ATMPs currently in development, the evolution of regulatory framework and approaches towards maintaining resilience and mitigating disruption for hyper-sensitive, personalized drugs in the supply chain.

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