Global Control Center (GCC)

Marken’s Global Control Center (GCC) provides 24/7/365 monitoring of all shipments moving into and out of all Marken locations and corresponding regions across the globe.

The GCC transmits data through Marken’s proprietary MaestroTM operating system backed by the SentryTM tracking device, providing real time coverage of shipment location and temperature.

Other key details of the GCC include:

  • Each step of a shipment’s lifecycle is tracked including booking, collection, transportation and delivery
  • GCC team maintains regular communication with Marken branches around the globe to avert potential incident
  • Surveillance of all shipments carrying the Sentry devices in real time
  • Visibility allows immediate intervention around the world
  • The GCC can provide assistance with the re-booking and monitoring of shipments when global conditions require a contingency plan

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