Marken Allegro™ Scheduling Tool

Marken’s user-configurable, interactive online scheduling tool, AllegroTM, was built as a service specifically for patients, physicians and sites. The tool was developed in-house and has the flexibility to be tailored to client requirements.

The key features of this tool are:

  • Downloadable web app populates all of the required fields into an order to make scheduling an easy process
  • Allows investigator sites to book sample shipments with only a few simple key strokes
  • Biological samples which require fast delivery times and specific requirements can reach their destinations without delay
  • Online booking forms pre-programmed with data for each investigator site and for each specific trial
  • Choose from possible pick up options, including ambient, phase change material, dry ice, gel packs or LN2
  • Utilizes electronic airway bills and allows for inclusion of other customized documents

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