Marken Apollo™

Meet ApolloTM, our fully validated Home Healthcare (HHC) management system, providing sites and homecare providers with the information they need to streamline home visit and Direct-to/From-Patient (DTP/DFP) shipment decision making.

Designed to support the evolving demands of the clinical trial landscape, ApolloTM is a centralized system connecting patients, providers and sites that delivers enhanced visibility and efficiency to HHC and DTP/DFP workflows. Built to meet the data protection requirements of HIPAA and GDPR, the 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform solution provides:

  • Home Care Provider access to patient details, streamlining home visit scheduling
  • Electronic source file documentation, eliminating the unnecessary paper process
  • Project management study oversight, budget management, milestone tracking and Home Care Agency and Provider database
  • Investigator access to request home visits and DTP/DFP shipments
  • Data is delivered to sites quickly and efficiently
  • Back-up capability feature – no disruption to services as homecare providers can send the paperwork electronically to site

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