Marken Viseo™

Marken’s online tool, ViseoTM, allows patients and sites to track their home deliveries of clinical trial materials and the pickup of their biological specimens via their mobile device or personal computer.

With a simple click, patients can view real time updates on the driver’s name, arrival time window, shipment number, and address at which the driver will stop.

How it works:

  • Patients can follow the driver’s progress right up to their front door, with a clear view of exactly where the driver is and the projected arrival time, even taking traffic conditions into account
  • A photo of the driver shows exactly who will ring the doorbell with the Marken delivery or pickup
  • The on-screen rating option shown after delivery provides direct and immediate feedback on the service and experience of the patient


  • Dedicated to making a patient’s life simpler through online interface
  • Web-based live tracking of the delivery

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