Marken Allegro

Marken provides robust and reliable solutions for groundbreaking personalized therapies. We understand how important chain of identity is for your cell, gene and immunotherapy and that trials require highly specialized logistics services to ensure safe transfer to patients.

Maestro Allegro Offers Sites the Ability to Create Bookings in Less Time

  • Developed in-house by Marken programmers
  • Allow investigator sites to book sample shipments with only a few simple key strokes
  • Biological samples which require fast delivery times and specific requirements can reach their destinations without delay.

Pre-programmed data

  • Online booking forms preprogrammed with data for each investigator site and for each specific trial

Choose from possible pick up options

  • Choose from possible pick up options, including ambient, phase change material, dry ice, gel packs or LN2

Customized documents

  • Utilize electronic airway bills and allows for inclusion of other customized documents