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14 February 2024

Marken Regulatory Update: IATA Transport Guidance for Lithium Batteries

In November 2023, the IATA (International Air Transport Association) released a new fact sheet on transport guidance for lithium batteries. The document offers key information detailing the characteristics of lithium batteries, as well as the requirements and regulations to ensure their safe transportation. The guidance also provides examples of items that contain lithium batteries such as PEDs (Portable Electronic Devices), power banks and AirTags and similar baggage tracking devices.

Lithium batteries, powering a wide array of consumer goods globally such as mobile phones, vehicles and children’s toys, are classified as dangerous goods due to their potential safety hazards if not handled in accordance with stringent security standards. To enhance awareness and maintain compliance, the IATA developed this resource to support shippers, freight forwarders and ground handlers in navigating the complexities of lithium battery transport.

For further details and access to additional resources regarding the secure shipping of lithium batteries by air, including the IATA Lithium Batteries Guidance Document and the Guidance Document for Battery Powered Cargo Tracking Devices and Data Loggers, please visit the IATA Lithium Batteries website here.

Marken’s global Trade Compliance Team continuously monitors regulatory changes, local laws, custom requirements and guidelines that may impact ongoing or new projects and proactively updates clients on an ongoing basis as needed.

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