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7 June 2021

Flexible Supply Chain Development: The Engine of Decentralized Trials

The distribution structure is the engine that drives decentralized clinical trials (DCTs). Reliable, yet flexible storage, tracking and technology, among other variables, work in tandem to ensure the integrity of DCTs.

What makes an effective DCT supply chain partner? Marken’s Vice President, Clinical Distribution, Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain, Nina Vas, and Senior Director of Global Patient-Centric Service, Gaurang Majmudar, discuss what your supply chain partner needs to execute DCTs with precision.

You can rely on us for a flexible, decentralized trial supply chain because we are a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS and the essential clinical part of UPS Healthcare. With Marken, BOMI Group, and Polar Speed included, the UPS Healthcare network staffs 199 locations with 10,000+ employees worldwide.

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