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23 April 2019

Marken Launches New Bluetooth Technology for Clinical Shipments

Roambee Will Increase Visibility of Assets and Shipments in Real Time

Research Triangle Park, NC, April 23, 2019 – Marken announced today the addition of Roambee monitoring technology to their packaging portfolio in order to provide increased end to end visibility throughout the supply chain for valuable clinical product shipments. Roambee devices will be affixed to Marken‘s packaging fleet and will allow shipments to be more visible at certain staging locations throughout the clinical supply chain.

The investment in Roambee real-time monitoring technology provides the platform for growth and expansion for shipment visibility.  The advantage of having the packaging fleet equipped with Roambee sensors is that Marken can continuously scan, identify, locate and re-deploy assets faster and in a more cost effective way, as well as monitor the location, condition, and security of products travelling with them. This integrated solution meets industry qualification standards for data integrity and temperature assurance and will provide added visibility within the Marken network. The service will also be extended to clients for whom Marken manages their owned reusable packaging fleet. The validated GPS and temperature monitor validated devices are sized so that they can be utilized for even the smallest of packages and offer a price-competitive solution for any kind, size, and value of shipment. Marken can provide instant details to clients who need to know, in real time, that a definitive delivery date has been met.

Wes Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We have seen an incredible growth in the number of sensitive shipments that demand real time tracking and we understand that clients expect tracking technology for shipments of any value in today’s industry.  As the value of clinical products continues to climb, our clients are asking Marken to manage and track their shipments as a standard value-added service. The Roambee solution, when added to our already well established Sentry technology solution, will provide an increased level of supply chain security which our clients have come to expect from us.”

Sanjay Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of Roambee said, “We are delighted to partner with Marken to deliver an on-demand visibility solution using a combination of our BeeBeacon sensors and cloud-based machine learning platform. Using reliable data collection and integrated shipment analytics, we will not only provide a verifiable chain of custody globally, but also deliver business intelligence for real-time decision making.”

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