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22 December 2022

Winter Storm Watch Over Central and Eastern USA

As extreme weather conditions form over the central and eastern parts of the USA, Marken is closely monitoring the ongoing weather conditions and we understand that air freight movements may be experiencing delays and interruptions.

We are working proactively with clients to provide alternative arrangements to ensure patients are unaffected and making contingency plans to ensure uninterrupted service. Please contact your local Marken branch or business professional if you have questions about a particular shipment.

National weather service announcement as of 12/22/22:

Dangerously Cold Temperatures and Blizzard Conditions for the Central U.S.; Heavy Rain and High Winds for the East

An Arctic front will continue widespread, dangerous cold, with areas of blinding snow squalls and flash freezing over the central and eastern U.S. through the rest of this week. A strong winter storm will form on this front and bring blizzard conditions to the Plains, Upper Midwest, and Great Lakes. The eastern U.S. will see heavy rain, high winds, and coastal flooding ahead of the cold blast. Please note – delays can change at any moment (flight cancellations of arrivals and departures).

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