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27 February 2024

Drivers for Change and Comparing Visions for the Future Clinical Supply Chain

Alongside advances in clinical trials, the clinical supply chain is also poised to evolve, but which specific drivers for change will lead to success in the future?

To gather diverse perspectives and encourage thought-provoking discussions, the Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) held unique workshop sessions titled “Industry Evolution – A Vision of the Clinical Supply Chain in the Next Decade” as part of the 2023 European Knowledge Forum in Athens, Greece. 

These workshops delved into critical drivers like automation, data-driven forecasting, and agile manufacturing, aiming to identify the most promising pathways for future clinical supply chain optimization. By harnessing insights from industry leaders, researchers, and technology innovators, the sessions aimed to unlock transformative solutions for a future-proof clinical supply chain. 

This white paper provides an overview of the sessions and shares themes of the collective responses from approximately 80 participants across different segments, spanning large pharma, emerging biotech, and industry.

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