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5 January 2024

Marken Operational Update: 7.6 Central Japan Earthquake

Marken is closely following reports across the central region of Japan where a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck on the Noto peninsula in Ishikawa prefecture on January 1st, 2024. As a result, on January 2nd, a Japan Airlines A350-900 aircraft designated for earthquake relief efforts, collided with another relief plane at Tokyo Haneda Airport, resulting in a massive explosion.

Please note some domestic flights are experiencing cancellations and delays, however Marken and UPS are fully operational, monitoring all shipments that may be impacted and are taking the necessary steps with Business Continuity Plans in place, to proactively minimize delays and mitigate disruptions for our clients and patients.

We remain committed to sourcing the best available options for each shipment as we continue to observe ongoing challenges. Please contact your local Marken branch or business professional if you have questions about a particular shipment.

Marken will continue to oversee the ongoing situation and will share updates as available.

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