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24 October 2023

Marken Supply Chain Update for South Israel

Marken remains committed to delivering lifesaving drugs to patients involved in clinical trials. While the current situation in Israel continues to evolve, we are proactively monitoring and are working on solutions on a day-by-day basis, with contingencies in place, for clients and patients affected by the supply chain disruptions.

Please note, we understand and anticipate delays in deliveries and collections from sites in the south of Israel, in areas such as Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva and the surrounding region. We remain fully operational in the surrounding cities and throughout the region, with daily collections and deliveries.



  • AIRLINES – In addition to flight cancellations to and from Israel, several airlines have cancelled to and from Beirut, Lebanon. Marken has contingency options available and there is currently no impact or delays for our supply chain operations. 

    Marken continues to support regular traffic out of Israel to EU and US destinations. Due to weight limitations for exports from Israel, we are leveraging all available El Al flights to major European airports, including Frankfurt, Paris, London, Dublin and Brussels. As part of Marken’s contingency plans, in cases where these airports are inaccessible, we are redirecting traffic to alternate European airports.
  • ROAD – Ground transport faces hurdles in this region. There is an available border route, via Jordan, however, it is partially restricted due to heightened security, particularly for freight and open for individual transit. Marken continues to source alternate routes, as needed, to reduce impacts to shipments in/out of this region.
  • OCEAN – Due to risk mitigation, several ocean carriers have redirected their routes to Haifa, the northern port, given Ashdod is in the south.


  • IMPORTS FROM US & EUROPE INTO ISRAEL – There are several freight services available from Liege, Belgium and the US to Tel Aviv with stringent security measures in place.
  • CUSTOMS & HANDLING AGENT IN TEL AVIV – Due to a reduction in the workforce at the airport for import/export handling and customs clearance, there may be some delays in the overall handling processes. Marken’s certified customs specialists and regulatory experts are readily available to discuss shipping lane verification requirements, customs regulations, local sanctions and guidelines as needed.  


The request for DTP/DFP services has dramatically increased within Israel and Marken’s Rapid Response team is available to coordinate shipments and patient deliveries in each region. Our global teams are equipped with the necessary SOP training to comply with all safety regulations throughout the region. 

We have temperature-controlled packaging and resources in place locally to facilitate Credo conditioning and temperature-controlled transportation. Reach out to your local Marken contact if you would like to discuss leveraging DTP or DFP options to ensure drug supply continuity.

As your single-source solutions partner, we’re here for you. For information on your particular shipment, please contact your local Marken Customer Service Representatives. We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and remain available for any assistance our clients require at this challenging time. 

*This situation is fluid and we are updating as we can

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